A New Year For Servant’s Hearts

A New Year For Servant’s Hearts

By Christina Williams


Before last year, many of us were accustomed to going about our daily lives unaware of the implications of decisions being made for us. But as we have seen, the responsibilities entrusted to our elected officials by us plays a role of profound importance in how we move forward together during a crisis.

To serve in such an important capacity, the average person might think that politicians are born of rich blood or educated in fancy universities. The average elected official is far from what our minds may have built them up to be. Many of them are no more experienced than anyone else, they simply ran for office and won. So what makes a good elected official? Sometimes it can be as simple as doing the right thing for the right reason with a servant’s heart.

Serving cannot be for seeking recognition, thanks, rewards, or other gains. It must come from a desire to put others’ needs ahead of your own selflessly. If you strive to see things from the perspectives of others you may have a servant’s heart. Scripture calls us to serve with love, without expecting something in return, for appreciation of all that life has already given us. We are called to use the special talents and gifts we each have within us to be faithful stewards of others.

In the bright New Year we are blessed with, examine your heart and if you find it to be a servant’s heart, your time to serve your community could be now.

Christina Williams is the Executive Director for the Pasquotank PAC. The Conservative organization meets on the SECOND and FOURTH Tuesdays at 7pm at Towne South Church at 2224 Peartree Road in Elizabeth City, NC. More information at www.pasquotankpac.com.