Christina Williams is the
Christian, Conservative, Republican choice
for Elizabeth City Mayor.


  • Bold, stable, and honest leadership.

  • Professional, intelligent, and capable.

  • A strong vision for Elizabeth City.


Founder & Executive Director – Pasquotank PAC
Parliamentarian – Northeast Carolina Republican Women

I signed the Pro-Truth Pledge:.
Please hold me accountable.

My Background:

Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Focus on Criminal Justice and Forensic Accounting

I understand the importance of accountability and financial transparency. 

I will strive to ensure that all operations within the city of Elizabeth City are performed with integrity.

Former News Anchor and Radio Announcer for WNIS and WTAR in Norfolk, Virginia

I am able to communicate effectively with people. 

Information is an important part of my background. I will strive to keep the public informed and represent our city well at events.

Owned A Thriving Web Design Business

I have worked with many businesses of all types all over the United States. 

I understand technology and will make Elizabeth City an innovative leader in Northeast North Carolina.

If I am elected Elizabeth City Mayor I will:

Stop Wasteful Spending

Your money should be precious.

I plan to review all spending to evaluate areas for improvement. The City of Elizabeth City has not balanced its checkbooks properly and spends money without knowing what they have.

Demand Transparency From My Council

It’s your right to know what goes on at City Council meetings.

Transparency in government is very important. It is your right to come in person to an open public meeting to speak before your elected officials. If you choose not to do so because of concerns of viruses or other reasons, it is also your right to be able to pull up a live stream of the meetings from the privacy of your home.

Clean Our Harbor

We can do better at making this a Harbor of Hospitality. 

I pledge to advocate for cleaner waters and waterfronts in Elizabeth City.  I will listen to consultants and ensure necessary improvements to our Wastewater Treatment systems are implemented as the city grows.

Beautify Our City

Elizabeth City can be even more beautiful!

I support increasing code enforcement to achieve beauty and safety in our communities. I would support holding landlords accountable for properties in low income areas and support programs that would help low income homeowners.

Promote Business Growth and Job Opportunity

I see restaurant and business opportunities all over Elizabeth City. 

I pledge to make it a priority to attract businesses to Elizabeth City and help the small businesses here to thrive. I believe growth is imminent for Elizabeth City.

Improve City Services

I believe in getting your money’s worth in what you receive. 

I pledge to pay attention to the value of services performed by the city. I care if workers are paid fairly as much as I care if they do the jobs we are paying them for well.

Protect Constitutional Freedoms

Your freedoms should not be infringed!

I believe in the constitution the way it was written and support the Second Amendment.

Support Law Enforcement In Reducing Crime

Our law enforcement needs support to clean up our city. 

I support our police officers in reducing crime.  I support neighborhood foot patrols, anonymous tip lines, security camera use, increasing street lighting, and cadet programs to create a safer community.