Christina Williams is the
Christian, Conservative, Republican choice
for Elizabeth City Mayor.


  • Bold, stable, and honest leadership.

  • Professional, intelligent, and capable.

  • A strong vision for Elizabeth City.


Founder & Executive Director – Pasquotank PAC
Parliamentarian – Northeast Carolina Republican Women

Harbor Of Hospitality

The City of Elizabeth City located in Pasquotank County, North Carolina is creating an environmental hazard for its citizens and our neighbors by dumping untreated sewage into the Pasquotank River.

Why are they polluting our water?   Because current City Council members ignored consultants for years and allowed developers to build without contributing to offset the necessary Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades.

Why don’t they upgrade the treatment plant?   It takes money to make upgrades, and the City of Elizabeth City has not balanced their checkbooks Since 2020.

Something must be done!