Stand Up To Save Patriotism

Stand Up To Save Patriotism

By Christina Williams

We enjoy freedoms every day that are taken for granted. Those who have sacrificed and fought for those freedoms no doubt have an instinctual sense of patriotism. Little by little patriotism is being phased out. It’s happening so slowly that we don’t even notice as we go about our daily lives. Once we lose the last bit of patriotism in our country, we won’t be able to get it back.

Those who seek to destroy our country will weaken our economy, strip away our freedom, and deteriorate our values. They will feed us socialism a little at a time until we realize we are under communist control. We will live under a police state and be unable to be independent of our government if we blindly accept the slow intrepidations into our privacy and our personal liberties.

If you care about the future of the country you must answer the moral obligation to be brave, be bold, and be courageous. Run for office or help a candidate. Speak at your local City Council, County Commissioners, or School Board meetings. Volunteer to serve on a local city or county board or committee. There is no one better to stand up and save patriotism than you!

Being proud to be an American is for everyone! American Patriotism isn’t restricted to an age or race.  It’s up to you to teach the youth around you to love this country and the freedoms we enjoy. It’s up to you to teach the youth around you that we are one people, an AMERICAN people, living in the UNITED States of America.

Christina Williams is the Executive Director for the Pasquotank PAC. The Conservative organization meets on the SECOND and FOURTH Tuesdays at 7pm at Towne South Church at 2224 Peartree Road in Elizabeth City, NC. More information at