Teach Your Children That The American Flag Unites Us All

Teach Your Children That The American Flag Unites Us All

By Christina Williams, christina@pasquotankpac.com

It’s easy to take a symbol for granted when we see it displayed so prominently everywhere. The American flag represents the earliest hopes for a better future for all of us and shouldn’t be passed by without reverence. At our nation’s origins, the visionaries who defined our basic human rights and liberties declared that everyone should have equal rights. “All people” referred to in our nation’s founding documents defines intent to mutually protect the liberties of each and every one of us for a better future. The American flag was designed as a symbol of freedom to unite us as Americans. The alternating red and white stripes represent unity. If united we stand, and divided we fall, why do some choose to sit or kneel?

Standing for the flag shows honor to those that served to protect your independence and your individual rights to your way of life. Those who fought and died were human beings who lost their dreams and hopes and ambitions for their futures. Those who gave up time with their young families or suffered injuries paid for our freedoms. The least we can do is stand and cover our hearts and bow our heads and reflect on the sacrifices that have been made. We should all appreciate that someone else did this for us and our fellow Americans.

The next time you pass a house or business proudly displaying the American flag, think about what that flag represents, hope for the future for every American! Display your own flag proudly. Patriotism is having and showing pride in the principles that paved the way for change that led us to a civil society. Passing it along to our children is vital to the survival of America. We must continue to teach our children to have respect and stand for the American flag. It’s not up to schools to be the only source teaching your children respect for the flag. This is your duty as an American. Read to your children about the history of the United States of America. Instill patriotism in the next generation. Buy your children their very own flag and teach them to respect it and the unity for all Americans that it represents.

Christina Williams is the Executive Director for the Pasquotank PAC. The Conservative organization meets on the SECOND and FOURTH Tuesdays at 7pm at Towne South Church at 2224 PearTree Road in Elizabeth City, NC. More information at www.pasquotankpac.com.

Published in Albemarle Tradewinds October 2021 magazine.